The Classic Pump


This beauty of a shoe will be your go-to shoe for every outfit, no matter the occasion.  I personally believe we should each own two colors as our primary pump, black and nude. Why?

  • Black will work for your cousin’s wedding, a job interview and your night out with the girls.
  • Nude pumps will lengthen the leg and create a sexier look.
  • Nude pumps are perfect to wear with color and prints, so that your look is not too busy.
  • Nude pumps are great for the summer when the styles are lighter and more playful.

Just keep in mind when buying a nude, purchase a pair that compliment your skin tone. If you’re fair, pick a shoe that is similar to your skin tone. Do you have darker skin? Stay away from the lighter toned shoe. Look for something with a bit more of a caramel color.

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