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Understanding Your Body Type Part 2

Understanding your own unique style and shape is the first step towards style confidence.  


I discuss 5 different body types when working with my clients. Today, I will be sharing 2 of those shapes with you. You may find you connect with more then one shape, which can happen! I started out as a pear shape but as life changed I began to take on a more rectangular upper body. Thank you children & good wine 😉  If you do not relate to either of these two body types please see Understanding Your Body Type Part 1 for the 3 other shapes.

Let’s Begin With the Basics:



– The upper & lower body have similar proportions
– Defined waistline
– Surprisingly, the most unrecognized body type



– Small – average through the shoulders
– Small bust line
– Defined waistline
– Fuller through the hips, thighs and bum

Styling Tips:

Many women feel overwhelmed when trying to make different styles work for them. It’s really important to remember that every one of us is blessed with a different body type that requires specific styles & fits to help us look our best. This is why the jeans your friend looks amazing in may not look so amazing on you, or why the latest trend you keep trying just isn’t doing it for you.

Here are a few tips & tricks to help you dress with confidence & rock that beautiful body you have.


Use accessories & clothing to help define your waistline & accentuate your curves.

During my workshops I often find the hourglass body type is the most unrecognized body type. Most women blessed with this shape have a hard time recognizing their shape. Mostly because they feel self conscious of their fuller bust line & curvy hips. Because of this they often wear clothing that hides their shape rather then accentuating it.

Are you feeling unsure of how to dress your curvy shape? First of all, open up your neckline! A few ways to do this is with a V or round neckline. Use longer necklaces to break up your shoulders/bust line and don’t be afraid to rock a fabulous statement necklace to show off some personality.  Ensure your defined waist is the focal point of your outfits by using belts, cinched waistlines, ruching and high-waisted pants/skirts (See image above for some great ideas!).  For bottoms, look for pants that create balance. Straight leg, boot cut & wide leg styles will do this, as well as a darker, sleeker denim. Tailored pencil skirts were made for your curvy shape while a classic fit & flare will ensure your waistline is the focal point.



Wear clothing that accentuates your defined waist & tops that draw the eye up and create balance.

Tailored jackets/cardigans, defined waistlines & wrap tops are just a few styles you need in your wardrobe. Balance is key for your shape. How do you do that? Add volume to your upper half with breast pockets, puffed shoulders & dramatic necklines.  Next, invest in pants and skirts that create a sleek and slimming look to your lower half. Just like the hourglass shape, investing in straight leg, boot cut & wide leg styles will ensure your lower half is elongated and looks fabulous.

One subject I would like to address is print & color on your lower half. I often hear women saying they can’t wear print or color because they have a fuller bottom. That is not true at all! It’s all how you wear it (It’s always how you wear it!).  If you love the idea of print & you’re not too sure how to pull it off, start simple. Have fun rocking a printed pant like the one shown above, the darker tones will flatter your shape best. Then, balance your outfit with a brighter top- this will draw the eye up. To complete your look finish with a fabulous scarf or necklace & a tall boot!

Would you like to know more about your own personal shape and how you can feel confident and put together? Contact me to learn about my many different services or book a Style Night for you and your friends! I’d love to work with you.

Thank you for stopping by,




Have you fallen in love with blanket scarves yet?

I have been working with Belle & Bliss Boutique these last few months and of course I have been falling in love with all of Krista’s fabulous pieces in the process! During our most recent photo shoot,  I styled a handful of her beautiful blanket scarves and I just had to have one (Do you blame me?!).

My new scarf arrived in the mail today and I had to share it with you. If you have been thinking about adding a blanket scarf to your wardrobe, don’t wait any longer! Rumor has it that this winter is going to be a cold one, so stay warm and look fabulous with a blanket scarf like this one. I love how versatile this scarf is – from the colors to the styling options, I can see my new scarf working with so many of the pieces already in my wardrobe.




Are you on the search for something beautiful to keep you warm this winter?
You can find this scarf (& more!) here.

Happy Shopping!

- Jennifer

Discover Your Style on a Budget

Growing up,  I would spend my weekends scouring the racks of local thrift stores. I was always on the search for that perfect piece that was overlooked by someone else. Honestly,  I have always loved the hunt- those moments of finding the perfect jacket & must have shoe… I am getting giddy just at the thought of it!


When a client recently asked if it was possible to update her wardrobe while on a budget, I was thrilled to share my thrifty shopping skills with her. Thrift stores are always bringing in new product, so it’s a bit like a trip to Winners. If you don’t buy it when you fall in love with it, you won’t be getting another chance! After taking a quick inventory of what her wardrobe really needed, plus a plan of how to incorporate more of her personality and lifestyle into her wardrobe, we were set to make the most out of our trip.

Jaime’s senior position as a Communications Supervisor requires her to have a business casual wardrobe, but she still wanted pieces that could easily flow into outfits that were appropriate for family gatherings & outings with her two young boys. Jaime’s love for all things vintage were also an important part of her shop.

Key pieces we were looking for:

  • Professional denim – trouser or bootcut styles to pair with blazers.
  • Blazers! This girl had none! (I have a bit of a blazer addiction, so I was very excited to help her change this up.)
  • Blouses – in color, print & versatility (could be worn with a skinny leg or with the perfect dress pant)
  • layering sweaters to finish off her legging/slim leg pant outfits and ensure her bum was covered.
  • Finishing pieces – such as handbags, belts and jewelery.
  • The basics – she needed some basics to complete a few orphaned pieces waiting at home in her closet.

What did we find??

  • Light wash bootcut jeans that makes her ass look amazing
  • Dark wash trouser jeans
  • Charcoal dress pants
  • 5 Blazers! What styles you ask?
  • 1 classic black blazer
  • 1 black mandarin collar blazer
  • 1 vintage inspired print blazer w/elbow patches
  • 1 gray tailored blazer w/black faux leather piping
  • 1 navy classic blazer
  • 15 different tops – from blouses & tunic tops to the basic L/S top
  • Long black cotton cardigan w/ pockets
  • Long, knit button up cardigan
  • Cozy, modern fit gray sweater
  • Lace black dress that can be worn in the summer or layered over black tights & a cardigan in the winter
  • Cropped wine colored sweater to wear w/lace dres
  • Cute runners to rock w/jeans on the weekend
  • Brown/tweed Matt & Nat handbag that retails for $200 (she only paid $5!)
  • Plum across the body handbag
  • 4 skinny belts to finish off her looks
  • 1 black wide belt
  • Vintage statement necklace
  • Long double strand of pearls
  • Vintage multi strand pearl bracelet
  • Long silver necklace
  • Silver/black pendant necklace

I know what you’re asking…  how much did all that cost her?


That’s pretty much what a pair of brand new, well made jeans & a smart blazer would have cost her. But instead, she found all these gently used pieces to spice up her wardrobe and now feels much more put together & confident

I’ll stop talking so you can see a few of the looks I put together for her!  Not all of the different outfits & pieces were photographed but hopefully you can get an  idea of how I styled a handful of her new pieces.



What do you think? Would you give thrift store shopping a try or does it seem a bit overwhelming searching through all the racks? Let me know by commenting below, It would be great to hear about your fabulous finds or where you struggle when thrifting

Thank you for taking the time to stop by,

- Jennifer




If  you love the array of pieces I found for Jaime (& the savings!) don’t be afraid to send me a message. I’d love to learn more about you and how I can work magic for you too!



How to Care for Your Clothing

You invest in your clothing and accessories and quality pieces aren’t cheap, so making sure they remain in good shape is worth the time and effort.


There are a lot of things you can do to care for your favourite pieces so that they stay in pristine condition and are ready to wear when you want them. Taking care of them will ensure they last longer, look better and ultimately, that will save you time and money. Who doesn’t want that?

Put things away

Having a well organized closet is a great first step to caring for your clothes.  I already wrote about ‘Creating a Closet You Love’, so give that a read (or re-read!) for details on how to create space for all of your pieces, including decluttering, separating seasons and organizing your accessories.


Apartment Therapy – Pinterest

Once you have the closet under control, care of your clothes and accessories is really more a function of good habits:

  1. Hang them, fold them or drop your clothes in the hamper… every single day. Don’t leave a pile sitting on the floor. Don’t drape them over every available piece of furniture so that you can’t find them again and when you do, they are wrinkled and musty. It takes two seconds to hang up that which can be worn again, rather then having to spend 10-20 minutes searching and then ironing/steaming your clothing.
  2. Put clean clothes away, right away. It’s too easy to let them pile up after they come out of the dryer or off the line until the pile becomes almost overwhelming. Remember that even young kids can get started on the habit of putting away their clean laundry. ( I fooled mine with colorful laundry baskets and created kid friendly clothing  storage systems) Folding might be an issue for a few years, but good habits start early, so take a deep breath and go for it!

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Summer is here in full force, and it’s time to style all your favorite looks with some season must haves.


When I think of Summer, I think of air and light, green and floral… basically any texture, sense or colour that does NOT evoke snow. After all, winters in the West are not always brutal but Summer is more than welcome, nonetheless.

Timeless, classic pieces are worth the investment because they can be so versatile and work fabulously into your wardrobe for several seasons,  but sometimes a girl just wants to have a little fun with her wardrobe.  Either way, items for Summer 2016 are many and there’s something out there for everyone.


The Lace Up

Have you seen them yet? All the fashion bloggers are wearing them and they are all over the shops I’ve been to these last few weeks. The lace up can be found in every style — sandals, flats, even sneakers. I personally adore the lighter look when compared to the gladiator style (being 5’3”, I need all the visual tricks I can get). The lace up is a fabulous style to wear with all your Summer looks and can easily be worn day or night.


Modern Sole Eleanorr Flat

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