Understanding Your Body Type Part 1

Understanding your own unique style & shape is the first step toward style confidence.


I have 5 different body shapes that I discuss when working with my clients. Today I will be sharing 3 of them. You may find you connect with more then one shape and that can happen!  For example, I started out as a pear shape but as life changed I began to take on a more rectangular upper body. Thank you children & good wine 😉  If you do not relate to these three body types please see Understanding Your Body Type Part 2 for the 2 other shapes.



Let’s Begin With the Basics:



– Straight through the shoulders, hips & bottom
– Little to no waist definition
– Hello fabulous legs!



– Average to full bust
– Fuller midsection
– Slim through the hips, with a small bottom
– Beautiful legs!
(Yes, you do.. you know you do)


Wedge/Inverted Triangle:

– Broad, straight shoulders
– Average to full bust
– Narrow hips, smaller bottom

Styling Tips:

Many women feel overwhelmed when trying to make different styles work for them. It is important to remember that every one of us is blessed with a different bodytype that requires specific styles & fits to help us look our best. This is why the jeans your friend looks amazing in may not look so amazing on you, or why the latest trend you keep trying just isn’t doing it for you.

Here are a few tips & tricks to help you dress with confidence & rock that beautiful body you have.



Wear clothing that will flatter your bust line, add dimension and create curves.

This can all be done with the lines and fabrics of your clothing. How? Add texture (ruffles, cowl necklines, wrap waistlines, statement necklaces) & layer, layer, layer! It will help add more dimension to your body and create an overall natural shape to your figure.

Details and fading on denim pockets will add shape to your bottom & an A-line skirt or bootcut denim will create the illusion of a fuller hip.





Wear clothing that accentuates your legs, open’s up your neckline and downplays your mid-section.

Tailored jackets/cardigans, empire waistlines & wrap tops are just a few styles you need in your wardrobe. Key to remember? Many women with your shape hide in oversized tops and it breaks my heart. There are pieces out there that will show off your beautiful figure and oversized tops are not one of them.

Wear pants with detailed pockets (buttons, stitching & fading) to help add definition and volume to your bottom. Bold and bright colours on the bottom half of your body will also accentuate and draw attention to your lower half, creating balance.




Add definition to your waistline, open up your neckline and draw the eye down to your fabulous legs.

Refrain from clothing that will add volume and weight to the upper half of your body (shoulder pads, halter tops, detailing on or near the shoulder).

Create the illusion of a defined waistline (it’s really a lot like contouring your makeup, just with clothes)!  You can do this with tailored/color block jackets (see the Fabulous Apple blazer) Bottoms that add visual weight are perfect for you (Bootcut, wide leg or high waisted pants & skirts).  You can also draw the eye down with detailing such as texture, print and color.

Have a couple questions or need help determining your shape? Don’t be afraid to comment.  I’d love to help you!







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