Discover Your Style on a Budget

Growing up,  I would spend my weekends scouring the racks of local thrift stores. I was always on the search for that perfect piece that was overlooked by someone else. Honestly,  I have always loved the hunt- those moments of finding the perfect jacket & must have shoe… I am getting giddy just at the thought of it!


When a client recently asked if it was possible to update her wardrobe while on a budget, I was thrilled to share my thrifty shopping skills with her. Thrift stores are always bringing in new product, so it’s a bit like a trip to Winners. If you don’t buy it when you fall in love with it, you won’t be getting another chance! After taking a quick inventory of what her wardrobe really needed, plus a plan of how to incorporate more of her personality and lifestyle into her wardrobe, we were set to make the most out of our trip.

Jaime’s senior position as a Communications Supervisor requires her to have a business casual wardrobe, but she still wanted pieces that could easily flow into outfits that were appropriate for family gatherings & outings with her two young boys. Jaime’s love for all things vintage were also an important part of her shop.

Key pieces we were looking for:

  • Professional denim – trouser or bootcut styles to pair with blazers.
  • Blazers! This girl had none! (I have a bit of a blazer addiction, so I was very excited to help her change this up.)
  • Blouses – in color, print & versatility (could be worn with a skinny leg or with the perfect dress pant)
  • layering sweaters to finish off her legging/slim leg pant outfits and ensure her bum was covered.
  • Finishing pieces – such as handbags, belts and jewelery.
  • The basics – she needed some basics to complete a few orphaned pieces waiting at home in her closet.

What did we find??

  • Light wash bootcut jeans that makes her ass look amazing
  • Dark wash trouser jeans
  • Charcoal dress pants
  • 5 Blazers! What styles you ask?
  • 1 classic black blazer
  • 1 black mandarin collar blazer
  • 1 vintage inspired print blazer w/elbow patches
  • 1 gray tailored blazer w/black faux leather piping
  • 1 navy classic blazer
  • 15 different tops – from blouses & tunic tops to the basic L/S top
  • Long black cotton cardigan w/ pockets
  • Long, knit button up cardigan
  • Cozy, modern fit gray sweater
  • Lace black dress that can be worn in the summer or layered over black tights & a cardigan in the winter
  • Cropped wine colored sweater to wear w/lace dres
  • Cute runners to rock w/jeans on the weekend
  • Brown/tweed Matt & Nat handbag that retails for $200 (she only paid $5!)
  • Plum across the body handbag
  • 4 skinny belts to finish off her looks
  • 1 black wide belt
  • Vintage statement necklace
  • Long double strand of pearls
  • Vintage multi strand pearl bracelet
  • Long silver necklace
  • Silver/black pendant necklace

I know what you’re asking…  how much did all that cost her?


That’s pretty much what a pair of brand new, well made jeans & a smart blazer would have cost her. But instead, she found all these gently used pieces to spice up her wardrobe and now feels much more put together & confident

I’ll stop talking so you can see a few of the looks I put together for her!  Not all of the different outfits & pieces were photographed but hopefully you can get an  idea of how I styled a handful of her new pieces.



What do you think? Would you give thrift store shopping a try or does it seem a bit overwhelming searching through all the racks? Let me know by commenting below, It would be great to hear about your fabulous finds or where you struggle when thrifting

Thank you for taking the time to stop by,

- Jennifer




If  you love the array of pieces I found for Jaime (& the savings!) don’t be afraid to send me a message. I’d love to learn more about you and how I can work magic for you too!



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