Beautiful Results








Do you hate to shop? So does my client that took all these piecephoto‘s home this past weekend!

What made this shopping trip so different? She never felt overwhelmed or like she was being sold to. Instead, I did all the work for her and she was able to feel confident in the pieces she was investing in.

She also walked away with the knowledge of how to style her new clothes into several different looks. She also now has the knowledge & skills that will help her feel more prepared when she shops again.


Refreshing Your Look

My client had recently lost quite a bit of weight and he was ready to transform his wardrobe and rediscover his personal style. After a full closet overhaul, I am proud to say he went home with an array of clothes that not only mixed and matched with ease but reflected who he truly was.

Beyond the Basics

The basics, how we love them. But, the basics are really just basic. So don’t rely on just your t-shirts and jeans. For one, it doesn’t let your personality shine through!

Don’t be afraid to layer and accessorize.  It makes all the difference. 




A Professional Setting

When working in a business atmosphere, your image says a lot about you. This client wanted a professional look with a touch of sophistication.

    We also created the illusion of curves on her rectangular body shape. How? By adding belts, blouses with flattering necklines and ruffles, as well as tailored sweaters and jackets.

Uncover Your Shape


I often see women wearing clothing that is 1-2 sizes larger than it should be. This client has a beautiful, full-figured, hourglass shape but her oversized tops and shapeless pieces were doing nothing to highlight her small waist.


Doesn’t she look like a different woman? The excitement I saw during this closet makeover made me love my job even more.

Shopping for a Special Occasion

With a special event quickly approaching, this client contacted me to help her find the perfect dress. We ended up finding two! We found affordable heels that could be worn with either dress and still mix into her everyday wardrobe. A clutch and sassy new coat later, her new look was complete. In just one afternoon, she discovered pieces that highlighted her best features and made her feel confident for her night out.


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