IMG_6619(web)Hi, I’m Jennifer

I live to dress women, with real lives & real bodies. A curve here, a bump there. Fashion & cookie cutter stores work for some girls. But I’m here for the women. For YOU. You, who wants to take charge of your own personal style and overcome your daily wardrobe struggles.

I want to take the fear, the “I can’t wear that” out of your vocabulary & empower you to dress & shop with confidence, to have a true vision of who YOU are within your wardrobe.

Style is not based on whether or not you’re wearing the latest trend… style is unique to you, it is about who YOU are.


Well, not the traditional way! But, I have never been someone to colour inside the lines. I come from two different perspectives. First – I struggled growing up –  I never felt confident dressing my body type or feeling put together. Walking into a store and seeing a rack full of pants made me feel faint and after my many unsuccessful shopping trips – I felt deflated. I also cringed at the lack of support and honesty from so many sales people. Those two things alone made me search for more. And I quickly learned the only way to change things up was to educate and empower myself.

That’s where a local boutique joins my story. In 2005 I began working at C’est Sera. A fabulous boutique that was kind enough to see my potential. When I began at C’est Sera I witnessed so many women coming into the boutique with personal style obstacles and a misunderstanding of their own unique shape.  I was inspired to learn as much as I could to change not only my own experience, but other women’s as well. I jumped in with a passion to learn.. I researched, I asked questions and most importantly I listened. Honestly, I have never stopped learning.

When my customers would glow at the sight of themselves in the mirror, when they would get excited about their wardrobe again – I knew I had done my job. As time went on I knew I had to share my skills and knowledge with more women – and that’s when Sense of Style came to life. In 2011 I stepped out on my own and started styling women from their own personal closets to taking them shopping at stores that best suited their personal style and budget. I have loved connecting with so many women and helping them feel confident and beautiful. Knowledge and understanding is key looking fabulous – when I get to empower other women – there is nothing more I  want to do.


                                      Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by,

                                                                                                  - Jennifer

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