Summer is here in full force, and it’s time to style all your favorite looks with some season must haves.


When I think of Summer, I think of air and light, green and floral… basically any texture, sense or colour that does NOT evoke snow. After all, winters in the West are not always brutal but Summer is more than welcome, nonetheless.

Timeless, classic pieces are worth the investment because they can be so versatile and work fabulously into your wardrobe for several seasons,  but sometimes a girl just wants to have a little fun with her wardrobe.  Either way, items for Summer 2016 are many and there’s something out there for everyone.


The Lace Up

Have you seen them yet? All the fashion bloggers are wearing them and they are all over the shops I’ve been to these last few weeks. The lace up can be found in every style — sandals, flats, even sneakers. I personally adore the lighter look when compared to the gladiator style (being 5’3”, I need all the visual tricks I can get). The lace up is a fabulous style to wear with all your Summer looks and can easily be worn day or night.


Modern Sole Eleanorr Flat

The Block Heel

A block heel is comfortable for the everyday and can be dressed down with slouchy cropped boyfriend jeans or dressed up with a floral print dress. You know, for when you’re invited to the Queen’s garden party. Just me? Sorry! Anyway, these are the kind of shoes that can go from morning to night without pinching a toe. A block heel mule with an open toe is also a great look that will take you from morning to night. Extra points for going for suede.

Gravity Pope Slingback Leather Mule

Not big on heels? Pointed toe flat skimmers are back and the classic look pairs well with a fun skirt, slacks or jeans. Whichever way you want to style them, you can wear these through the summer and fall too.

And for woman on the go? A basic white running shoe is your answer. No air pumps, no flash. Just function and a pop of light and bright.



Keds Kickstart Runner


Just for your iPads

Shoulder bags and purses that fit your tech are ‘it’. Not the clunky, faux-leather jobs that are made FOR your tech but a great bag that just happens to be the right size; you can sit in a cafe and casually pull your tablet from your fabulous bag, and enjoy an afternoon of reading and … well, let’s be honest, hanging out on Facebook. A structured satchel bag with a detachable shoulder strap in a bold, bright colour is definitely a good investment, for the office and for a day on the town.


Stella & Dot Getaway Versatile Bag


If you’re less about the office and more about the stuffies and diapers, a backpack purse is the way to combine practical and chic, in one neat package. No need to borrow from your kid’s closet on this one.


Let’s not forget your hair

Your hair is an accessory in and of itself so once the toques come off, it’s time to let it shine. A wide, easy to wear headband can take any unruly hair to the next level. I am loving House of Koopslie bamboo headbands. Have you heard of them?  The headbands come in a wide range of colours and prints and work with so many different hair lengths (Yes, even a bob!).  I personally adore the “How to Rock a Headband”  page of House of Koopslie.


bamboo jersey headband with leather loop yoga headband wide headband stretchy made in Canada packaging back Guide to Looking epic House of .jpg

A fedora like no other

Hats aren’t everyone’s favourite accessory but if you can pull them off, the look for this summer is the fedora. Light colours with contrasting bands. They’re practical too, keeping that early spring sun off your face so you can keep your skin looking great too.

Speaking of sunshine, the aviator is back in sunglasses fashion and it’s a style that can easily take your look to new heights.


Silver is the new sparkle

Silver jewelry in funky layered styles is big this summer. It’s modern, it’s fresh looking and it’s affordable. Trifecta of wins. Also, if you have a tan – whether real or not – sterling silver sets off your skin tone and helps give you that healthy glow that will take you through summer.


Stella & Dot Legend Pendant Necklace

So with all of those options, you’ve got lots of ways you can amp up the style this summer. What will you choose?

- Jennifer

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