Understanding Your Body Type Part 2

Understanding your own unique style and shape is the first step towards style confidence.  


I discuss 5 different body types when working with my clients. Today, I will be sharing 2 of those shapes with you. You may find you connect with more then one shape, which can happen! I started out as a pear shape but as life changed I began to take on a more rectangular upper body. Thank you children & good wine 😉  If you do not relate to either of these two body types please see Understanding Your Body Type Part 1 for the 3 other shapes.

Let’s Begin With the Basics:



– The upper & lower body have similar proportions
– Defined waistline
– Surprisingly, the most unrecognized body type



– Small – average through the shoulders
– Small bust line
– Defined waistline
– Fuller through the hips, thighs and bum

Styling Tips:

Many women feel overwhelmed when trying to make different styles work for them. It’s really important to remember that every one of us is blessed with a different body type that requires specific styles & fits to help us look our best. This is why the jeans your friend looks amazing in may not look so amazing on you, or why the latest trend you keep trying just isn’t doing it for you.

Here are a few tips & tricks to help you dress with confidence & rock that beautiful body you have.


Use accessories & clothing to help define your waistline & accentuate your curves.

During my workshops I often find the hourglass body type is the most unrecognized body type. Most women blessed with this shape have a hard time recognizing their shape. Mostly because they feel self conscious of their fuller bust line & curvy hips. Because of this they often wear clothing that hides their shape rather then accentuating it.

Are you feeling unsure of how to dress your curvy shape? First of all, open up your neckline! A few ways to do this is with a V or round neckline. Use longer necklaces to break up your shoulders/bust line and don’t be afraid to rock a fabulous statement necklace to show off some personality.  Ensure your defined waist is the focal point of your outfits by using belts, cinched waistlines, ruching and high-waisted pants/skirts (See image above for some great ideas!).  For bottoms, look for pants that create balance. Straight leg, boot cut & wide leg styles will do this, as well as a darker, sleeker denim. Tailored pencil skirts were made for your curvy shape while a classic fit & flare will ensure your waistline is the focal point.



Wear clothing that accentuates your defined waist & tops that draw the eye up and create balance.

Tailored jackets/cardigans, defined waistlines & wrap tops are just a few styles you need in your wardrobe. Balance is key for your shape. How do you do that? Add volume to your upper half with breast pockets, puffed shoulders & dramatic necklines.  Next, invest in pants and skirts that create a sleek and slimming look to your lower half. Just like the hourglass shape, investing in straight leg, boot cut & wide leg styles will ensure your lower half is elongated and looks fabulous.

One subject I would like to address is print & color on your lower half. I often hear women saying they can’t wear print or color because they have a fuller bottom. That is not true at all! It’s all how you wear it (It’s always how you wear it!).  If you love the idea of print & you’re not too sure how to pull it off, start simple. Have fun rocking a printed pant like the one shown above, the darker tones will flatter your shape best. Then, balance your outfit with a brighter top- this will draw the eye up. To complete your look finish with a fabulous scarf or necklace & a tall boot!

Would you like to know more about your own personal shape and how you can feel confident and put together? Contact me to learn about my many different services or book a Style Night for you and your friends! I’d love to work with you.

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