SOS Monday: An Expert Point of View

Q: When you do the Shopping 101 with someone, how do you know what to put them in?

A: Before I meet with someone for a shopping Trip 101, I have a short phone consultation so that I can get to know my clients better. I ask them questions about their lifestyle & their wardrobe needs, both for work and every day life.

I also like to learn about where they are shopping now and why they believe it has not been working for them.  From there I do my research into stores and clothing brands that will fit them and work better into their lifestyle. I also have my clients send a photo of themselves and their clothing size to help me get a better idea of their body type.

I then do a pre-shop before I take my clients shopping. I look for pieces that are on their shopping list* and I put them aside so that when the client arrives to shop, all they have to do is go straight to the fitting room and get started. I have outfits created in the room and it is there that they learn more about their personal shape, the best way to dress their shape and how to pull all the looks together.

Thanks for the question Lori!


* created by the clients themselves or from a Closet Makeover we had earlier.

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