TBT ~ Pondhopper Photo Shoot

Welcome to throw back Thursday.  I was thinking the other day that with April (AKA Earth Month) just around the corner,  now is the perfect time to revisit an amazing project that I was part of in March of 2015.

Working along side some amazing & extremely talented women I was fortunate enough to be the Stylist for a photo shoot that showcased beautiful, eco-conscious fashion. The love and dedication that went into this project was amazing. From the fine details in the clothing, the stories behind the jewelry and what each talented contributor brought to the table was so inspiring.


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Teresa Bolinski of T.Bolinski Photography wrote a fabulous article that shared the vision behind this beautiful photo shoot and I know I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

As always, thank you for stopping by,

~  Jennifer



April is Earth Month

– a perfect time of year to celebrate beauty on our planet. As the snow melts and the sun shines longer each day, natural splendors that have laid beneath the snow for months are coming to life again. This month we remind each other that we must be mindful of the fragility of our world’s natural resources. We must be sustainable and responsible. In the last few months I have become more aware of the possibility of introducing sustainability into fashion. We can be responsible to the planet while fulfilling our inner fashionista hearts.


As a photographer and small business entrepreneur I am fortunate enough to meet a great number of interesting people. I am blown away with how many cool people there are just in our local Edmonton area. In December I met Lorraine Dezman of pondhopper – no rules fashion. Her eco-friendly clothing designs are one-of-a-kind pieces made from material in otherwise thrown away items. From velvet to lace, wool and satin, all textures and colours are possibilities in her designs. It’s hard to believe that her clothing deigns came from what someone else would have just thrown into a big black bag.


  “I love the surprises and uniqueness that come from materials that have a story, a past life, a soul of their own,”Lorraine Dezman, pondhopper studio.


When I met this humble, talented designer I knew I wanted to photograph her work someday.

Shortly after meeting Lorraine I discovered an amazing company and signed up to become a stylist (sales rep) with Color by Amber. Color by Amber is a jewelry company that creates unique jewelry pieces from eco-resin. The eco-resin which is made from 40% recycled plastics encases interlayers of a variety of fabrics, artisan weaves, and up-cycled materials. Burlap from old coffee bean bags, denim from old jeans, and cotton weaves from artisan communities around the world are just a few examples. Color by Amber operates out of Salt Lake City, Utah in a ZERO LANDFILL FACILITY! (I am still trying to wrap my head around how this is even possible).

Not only does this forward thinking company focus on recycling and waste reduction, Color by Amber participates in Full Circle – a program that supports women artisan communities in places like Nepal, Senegal, and Mexico. Involvement with these communities helps support their families, local economies, and provide opportunities for continued education and healthcare. My favourite quote from Color by Amber’s founder Talley Goodson sums it all up for me.

NB501“Color by Amber represents the things that I most love: fashion and design, innovation, helping the planet, supporting those less fortunate, and empowering entrepreneurs”.


Being a stylist with Color by Amber means being part of a team of amazing women. As my brain started to work on a vision of a photo shoot to showcase these eco-friendly fashion faves I discovered that 2 of the Color by Amber ladies on my team had talents that could be an invaluable part of this collaboration. Charmaine Holan, owner of C.H. Makeup. Skin. Couture Brow did the stunning makeup application on the models for the shoot. Jennifer Clark of Sense of Style coordinated the perfect pairing of Color by Amber jewelry with pondhopper’s clothing with her amazing eye for styling.
So…. With one clothing designer, one jewelry company, a makeup artist, a professional stylist, two adorable models (Maddie Comeau and Kirsten Lavelle), and a photographer (me), the shoot came together!



I hope that these images inspire all women to think beyond their typical ways of shopping and fashion. Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean wearing a brown paper bag you re-use from the grocery store!

Happy Earth Month!
xoxo, Teresa Bolinski,
T.Bolinski Photography, Color by Amber Independent Stylist


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