Blogs I Adore

The internet is full of beautiful and inspiring blogs.  I have been able to find some really great sites over the years that revolve around everything from lifestyle and food (need I say more?) to the latest fashion and beauty trends. Sharing is one of my favourite things to do with you, so here are some amazing bloggers to check out:

First up on our list, Edmonton based lifestyle and fashion blogger: @Honey&Betts


Hannah of Honey & Betts provides fabulous reviews and recommendations on great local restaurants and cafes as well as creates fun yet elegant outfits that are nothing but a pleasure to look at!

My personal favorite of her blog is her beauty section. I have always been a little unsure when it comes to skin care & makeup but her advice and tutorials takes the guess work out of it all.

Next up, organizer extrodinaire: @iheartorganizing


 As a mother of two young girls & the wife of a very unorganized husband (he looses his keys & wallet about 2-4 times a day…) this blog is my haven.

Whenever I need a little inspiration I just hop on over and it doesn’t take long before I find myself planning my next project. Jen’s home is beautiful to look at and I love that she isn’t afraid to share the behind the scenes process & mess (AKA Life) that some blogs often hide. A trip to her blog is an afternoon well spent 😉

Last but not least a great blog to spend a few hours catching up on is fashion, lifestyle and design blogger: @204Park


Based in Edmonton Diana posts anything and everything from cute and crafty DIY’s and recipes to style and home décor (which makes my heart skip a beat). I personally love her different looks and how she incorporates a bit of sass & edge to her looks while still carrying a hint of femininity.


Enjoy spending the afternoon browsing blogs with your favourite glass of  tea (or wine?)

That’s all for now,

Xoxo, Jennifer

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