DIY Emergency Handbag Kit

As I’m running out the door I always think I have everything I need (judging from the size and weight of it) but, when life happens and I have a wardrobe malfunction I realize how wrong I really am.

Emergency purse kits have become quite popular lately and I have officially fallen in love. Having a small bag to keep the most important and sometimes over-thought items in the handbag of the day (please tell me you switch out purses as often as I do..)  is brilliant!

I have seen an array of different types of premade kits you can purchase online, all depending on your needs. But who wants to spend money on something when you can do a simple DIY to meet your own needs!?

Here are some of my must have items:

emergency  kit


           Tide Pens: Life happens, which in turn means spills & stains are going to happen too. Throwing this pen in your bag will help aid you in a future fashion crisis and keep your spills your secret.

           Safety Pins: From holding stubborn clothing together to securing a scarf or a broken button, this is a must have item!

           Hair ties/Pins: I’m not sure about anyone else but I can never seem to find my hair pins/ties in the bottomless pit I call my bag. Throwing a few of these into a small container will help keep the crisis at a minimum when fighting with your hair.

           Deodorant: Keeping a small stick of deodorant in your purse will not only help you freshen up through out the day but you can also use it to stop blisters forming on your feet!

          Hairspray: Wind, rain, even static! All things we dread when we style our hair for the day. Grab a small travel size hairspray bottle from your drugstore and whip it out to fix any hairstyle crisis you may be having. Another great use for hairspray is to prevent static. Spray a small amount onto your tights or on the inside of your clothing to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions.

          Band-Aids: Of course you want to wear your fabulous new shoes! I don’t blame you. But after a few hours & once those dreaded blisters start to appear, you may wonder what you were thinking. Keep a few of these in your bag to help comfort any future pain you may be putting yourself in.

         Tylenol: You never know when that mid-day stress headache can hit you, throw a small travel size container of Tylenol in your purse to aid in any pain you have.

Those a just a few things I hide away in my personal kit, do you have any items that are a must have in your kit?  I’d love to hear what they are!

Thanks so much for stopping by,

~ Jennifer



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