Find The Perfect Pair of Jeans

One essential every guy & girl must have in their closet is the “Perfect Pair of Jeans”.  Some of you may laugh at this, wondering if there really is such a thing, but there is! I promise! Finding the perfect pair of jeans does take a bit of work, and most often a little assistance from your favorite tailor. But it can be done!

Each unique body-type fits a completely different brand, style and fit of denim (this could be why your best friends jeans make her derriere look amazing and yours not as much.. ).  When I’m shopping for my client, their shape and personal obstacles are what really define my search.  Without giving too much away (where is the fun in that?!) here are some brands that I find I return to often.


* Gap offers jeans that are well made and easy to wear.

* With a wide range of styles to choose from in both men’s and women’s, your sure to find a style for work and play!

      * Women’s sizes range from  00-20, Men’s from 28-42 (select sizes) and is available in short/petite,               regular and Tall (Tall length can only be purchased online.)

* I personally love the range of rises Gap offers. Low, mid and high-rise are available in women’s styles.

*Wait, did you hear? Gap now offers their fabulous denim in maternity styles!

* Average price = $79.95 (Perfect if you’re on a budget)

Bonus: Save 30% on jeans in store and online until Feb 10/15!

1969 Long & Lean

1969 Long & Lean


1969 Skinny Fit Jeans

1969 Skinny Fit


1969 Demi Panel Resolution True Skinny

1969 Demi Panel Resolution True Skinny

Lucky Brand Jeans

* Lucky Brand Jean’s have oh so many different washes to choose from, you may just have to buy more than one pair.

                       * This casual, sexy line offers men’s & women’s denim. What I especially love is that                                                 they offer plus size denim for fuller figures.

      * Women’s sizes range from  00-24w, with length available in 29″-36″.

* Men’s sizes range from 28-42 (select styles) with length available in 33″-36″

* Average price = $130

Bonus: Sale jeans are only 49.95!

Lolita Curvy Fit Jeans

Lolita Curvy Fit


367 Vintage Boot

367 Vintage Boot


Emma Fit Jeans

Emma Plus Size Fit


7 for all mankind

* I remember the first time I saw a pair of seven’s. My hair stylist Amy (Ponytails + Horseshoes) was rocking them and it looked like those jeans were made for her!  Honestly, every client I have put into a pair of seven’s look like they were born to wear them. So, 7 for all mankind does have a bit of a hold on this heart of mine.

                       * This line offers mid to high-rise in their women’s denim – with a wide range of styles such as skinny, bootcut,  straight & wide leg.

      * Women’s sizes range from  23-33, with lengths available in petite, regular and long.

* Men’s sizes range from 28-40 (select styles) with lengths available in 33″-36″

* Average price = $220 & worth every penny.

Kimmie Crop

Kimmie Crop


Brett Bootcut

Brett Bootcut



* Hudson carries the classic washes, but they are not afraid of having a little fun! Their denim comes in playful prints, bold colors and strategically place detailing. I love it!

* I personally just love how fabulous they feel on…

      * Women’s sizes range from  23-32, with lengths available in petite, ballet and supermodel.

* Men’s sizes range from 28-38 (select styles) with lengths available in regular and athletic.

* Average price = $250, again, worth the investment!

Signature Bootcut Jeans

Signature Bootcut


Collin Vice Versa Skinny Jean

Collin Vice Versa Skinny Jean


Bryon Slim Straight Leg

Bryon Slim Straight Leg


 Now that I’ve shared some of my favorites with you, I would love to know which denim brand you can’t live without. Please comment below and let me know!

Thanks so much for visiting!


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