You Are Enough.

We live in a world where quite a few of us struggle to believe we are beautiful enough, strong enough, educated enough or good enough. My post today is a little about me and how choosing to accept who I was, has brought me to where I am today.

One of the most common comments I hear from men and women I meet at workshops & events is,  “I would love to work with you, but not until I lose some weight.”  Every time I hear those words I feel a heaviness inside of me, all I want to do is hug them… or just shake them. Unfortunately, neither of those go over to well when just meeting someone!

It makes me sad that some of us struggle to believe we are wonderful just the way we are, at this very moment. It’s heartbreaking that so many people feel they do not deserve to express themselves through their wardrobe until they are ____ lbs lighter or ____ inches smaller.

I say all of this out of experience… prior to having my second daughter I shopped in the single digit’s and purchased clothing because I loved the print, color & style, not because I had to ask myself if it would hide my tummy well enough.  After my daughter was born I really struggled with my new body. I remember walking into a store and discovering the size I wore wasn’t available in anything they offered. I clearly remember the sale’s girl “nicely” telling me… “We don’t carry your size here…” To say it stung, would be an understatement & if I didn’t say I went home and felt sorry for myself I would be lying. Because I did, I beat myself for not being slim enough, or “perfect” enough.

   After a few days of my own little pity party I decided the only true option was to accept myself as who I was that very moment in my life and to love myself through the whole process (No matter how many pairs of pants I had to try on before I found the right fit!) I realized that if I continued wearing the “comfortable pants” and loose fitting shirts I would only be hiding.  I wasn’t showing the world who I really was, which was a woman that cherished her family, adored beautiful clothing and strived to always be moving forward.

What I remember more than anything from that decision was that when I joined my friends for a night out, I didn’t spend the evening sitting at the table feeling uncomfortable, wishing I looked like all the other women. I no longer pulled or poked at myself  when I just wanted to play with my kids at the park. I felt beautiful, sassy and back to who I knew I truly  was. I was finally wearing the clothing that fit and flattered my new shape, no matter what the numbers were. I chose to just be enough (Beautiful, Healthy & Good Enough). I look back at the experience and I think how different things would be if I had not made the choice to accept who I was at that moment and create a wardrobe for myself within that moment.  Sense of Style would have never become what it is today for one. Why? Because it made me realize that I did not want anyone else struggling with how to dress their unique shape,  I wanted to help other’s overcome the same struggles I had experienced in those change rooms,  all while discovering their own personal sense of style. I wanted others to recognize the truth, which is you are enough, you deserve to feel stylish and amazing just like everyone else, just as you are.

Thanks so much for visiting today.

XoXo Jennifer

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