Business Casual – Building a Fabulous Foundation

I recently spent the evening shopping with my cousin, who has just begun her first job that requires a business casual wardrobe. Prior to her new position, she only required uniforms or jeans and a tee shirt for her work wardrobe. This change had her feeling a little unsure and afraid that choosing the wrong pieces would end up making her look frumpy and older then she really is (which, no one at any age would want!).

With a limited budget ($200) we focused on creating a strong foundation so that in the months to come, she can add the trendy and playful pieces that make her swoon. And although the foundation pieces are not always the most fun, it is great to see how versatile they can be. Click the image below to see the pieces she had prior, (which helped us determine what to be shopping for), what she purchased and  finally, what she can continue to shop for in the future.

Click here to see the results!

Click here to see the results!




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