The Love of Fashion

Every new season fashion designers from around the world spoil us with beautiful creations in the hopes to capturing our hearts. If they are successful, their vision of the perfect colors & patterns will appear in clothing stores far and wide. The trick for all of us is to master how we will blend the new with the old, all while maintaining our own personal style.

Before you even consider shopping for new pieces you need to start at the beginning.

–          Discover what you love: Educate yourself with the new styles of the season. There are unlimited options, so be open and find trends that connect with and compliment your own style.

–          Review last year’s wardrobe: A lot can change in 8 months! Try things on, ask yourself if you wore it last year or was it just a closet dweller? Dig around to see if you have items that might work into the seasons current trends. You would be surprised how many trends are repeats… with only slight changes.

–          Create a shopping list: Shopping can be overwhelming for us all. So stay focused by creating a shopping list beforehand. This will ensure you won’t get distracted by all the well placed merchandising!

–          Budget: Yup, I said it! Some women need a budget so they can stay focused and ensure they won’t be eating Kraft dinner for the rest of the month. While others need one so that they can purchase the clothing guilt free. Knowing you have put specific funds aside for just this purchase will help ease any financial stress. Shopping on a budget requires one to be savvy and willing to search around. Or, you could just shop with me and I will teach just how to shop on a budget.

And last but not least,

Confidence is the base of every fabulous wardrobe.

Trends can be fun and add spice to your wardrobe. But, if you don’t love it and you are not comfortable wearing it, don’t force it! Because we’ll know. Not all trends are made for every woman (Due to fit, color or style).

Confidence is what makes up stop and notice someone. Trying to wear the season’s bold new color, while struggling to feel confident in the pieces doesn’t do you justice. So always remember, your personal style is foremost. Trends should be added to compliment your wardrobe, not to overtake it.




Cushnie et Ochs


Spring 2014 brought a wide range of designers sharing their love of art to the runways. Showcasing bold and beautiful colors with a wide range of prints, from abstract to graffiti. Anyone that loves to make a statement is guaranteed to find the perfect piece this spring.


Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Derek Lam

Spring 2014


A refreshing change after months of the slim leg pant dominating the world of fashion. Women that are fuller through their hip, thigh or bum look fabulous in a wide leg. The drop from the hip creates a long line and balances the upper half of the body.

Also keep in mind, the wide leg is a pant that women of all heights can wear. If you feel the style can overwhelm you, look for a wide leg pant that fits slim through hip and has a gentle flare from the hip down,

as well as a higher rise to create the illusion of longer legs. For women that would like to add a bit more volume to their lower half (example: women with small hips/bum and a fuller bust line) should look for pants that have fading or full pockets to create the illusion of curves. If you are blessed with a longer leg, be adventurous and try a dramatic color or width.



** I have 7 more trends to share with you so check back soon to see more!**

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