The Little Black Dress

You didn’t think I would miss the little black dress, did you?

Every woman should have one or two LBDs in their closet.  They are ideal for dinner parties, work and even running around town.  Dress it up with jewels and sassy shoes or wear it casual with opaque tights, a tall boot and a cute sweater vest.


If you are searching for your first LBD, look for one that is versatile and will work into several areas of your life.

Important note:
If you stumble across a dress that is the perfect fit and you feel fabulous in it, BUY IT, even if you don’t have a special occasion approaching.  The chance that you will find a dress as wonderful as that one when the time comes can be very slim.  Trust me!  During my time in retail, I would often see women walking away from dresses that they should have taken home, only to have them return months later in a panic looking for a dress they needed for the next night.  Save yourself the stress.  Buy the dress!


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