SOS Monday: How to Wear a Cropped Pant

Q: I love cropped pants/capris but I have no idea what length and style is best. Could you give me some advice?

A: We are all blessed with different body types and here are some tips to keep in mind when wearing capris.

If you have fuller calves and thighs: Your shape is best suited for a flare or wide leg capri. This style will give your leg a slimmer look. Also keep in mind that your capri length should not end at your mid calf, as this will make the widest point of your legs the focal point. Instead, wear a length that ends just below the knee or right at your ankle (cropped pant length). This highlights your slimmest point of your leg. Also steer clear of pants with large pockets, distressing and cuffs, as these will only make your bottom half appear larger than it really is.
*See image of white capri for width and length example

If you have slim legs: A tailored style compliments your shape and keeps your look balanced and will not overwhelm your frame. You are blessed with the ability to play around with all lengths of capris. If you have a smaller, flatter bum, wearing a capri with back pockets and detailing will create the illusion of curves.
*See image of black capri for tailored example

Women of any height or shape can wear cropped pants, simply by creating the longest line possible. For both the slim and fuller leg shapes, stick to plain straight-leg versions. Think Jackie O!

When styling a cropped pant, pair it with a top that falls below the waist. Wear a belt or blazer that is similar in tone to the top to help elongate the look even more. Most importantly, a cropped pant should be paired with a pointed flat, fun peep toe or sleek wedge to add height.
*See image “Cropped pants“ for example

Cropped Pant: A pant that stops just above the ankle
Capri: A pant that ends just below the knee to mid calf

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