The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Number one on the Top 10 Essentials for Every Woman. Whether they cost $50 or $500, you should have a pair that fits you perfectly. Now the style depends on what works best for your shape and lifestyle. It could be a dark wash trouser to wear on casual Fridays or a slim leg to wear with a cozy knit and a pair of tall boots.

How do you find the perfect pair? Figure out what your body type is first. Then, try your best to take the emotion out of trying them on!

Next ask yourself some questions when you’re looking in the mirror:

  • Is this wash flattering? If not, why?
  • Does the shape of pockets work for my bum? If not, what do I really want in a pocket?
  • Does the distressing compliment my body type?
  • Is the waist a low rise or mid rise? Do I prefer one over the other?
  • If they feel tight, will they relax as I wear them?
  • Is this jean the same style as all the others that never seem to work?

Keep these questions in mind when shopping for jeans. It will help you keep focused.  By being aware of your own unique needs, you can look at a rack of denim and have a better idea of what will and won’t work.

3 styles of jeans

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