To Cuff or Not to Cuff.

What’s the deal with cuffed pants for men? How do I wear them?

Ideally your pants are exactly the length you need them to be. But now, with this summer’s styles, the length of your pant has taken on a whole new meaning.

First, please know that formal or professional pants should not be cuffed or rolled. At any time! Unless you have escaped to the beach and you have no intention of returning to your meeting… or your cousin’s boring wedding.

Jeans & chinos though are a different story. A full-length pant is a sharp and pulled-together look but if you want to try something more laid back and casual this would be a great look.

Some guidelines to follow:
1) Rolled/cuffed pants look best when done proportionately to your body!

2) Pant cuffs should be about the width of three fingers.

3) Two is the ideal number of folds for a cuff.
– 1st to define the size.
– 2nd to secure the 1st fold in place.

4) Once you have completed the fold
– Press to secure the fold if wearing denim
– Scrunch for Chinos

5) Pair with shoes that compliment the casual look, such as sneakers, (not the athletic kind) loafers or sandals (again, not the athletic kind).

6) For a shirt, pair with a t-shirt or casual button up. A cardigan or light blazer is also a great layering option.

Thanks for your question Ryan! Let me know how it goes.


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